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Meldpunt Vreemdelingendetentie – Immigration Detention Hotline


The Immigration Detention Hotline is an initiative of the LOS foundation (the National Support Centre for Undocumented Migrants). The hotline collects complaints concerning the circumstances in immigrant detention. We examine these reports, if eligible and possible write complaints to the appropriate authorities, and ask for awareness within politics and the media.

The goals are to make the circumstances in the detention centres transparent and through this to intensify the political and legal pressure towards improving these circumstances.

In order to reach this, the media is informed about the circumstances in detention. We furthermore take legal action with the help of lawyers, and confront the responsible authorities concerning those circumstances in detention.

Are you being held in immigrantion detention or do you know somebody who is? Do you have questions concerning medical care, (isolation) cells, the way of being treated, food, the complaints procedure or other aspects of immigration detention? You can contact us through one of the phone numbers given below. We will help you with your complaint with the aim of enhancing the circumstances in detention.

Call from detention: 0800-3388776 (for free)

Call from outside detention: 010-7470156