Which Sentence Shows Correct Order And Agreement

Which Sentence Shows Correct Order And Agreement

2. Simpetica requires accent mark 5. The right answer is an answer. I`ll mark that and come back later to see if you have any additional questions. Sra Please help me, because I have no idea what to do. Use the verb displayed to complete the sentence. us / have Nous_______quinze books. Use the verb displayed to complete the sentence. You/Take What tu_______pour the Little What statement is NOT true on sentences? A. They do not have a subject, but they have a predicate. B.

You have no subject or verb. C. They are not a complete thought. D. Adding other words makes the user correct about Kendall Rae! – so everyone is with the same answers! 7If you have finished your homework, please take the dog for a walk. The dash of the sentence is when you finish your homework. I think it is a dependent clause, because it cannot stand alone and when is a complete each sentence with the correct form of the verb in parentheses. 1. The clase de matemeticas (terminar) a las cuatro. 2.

“Te gusta” (estudiar) psicologa? 3. La profesora (explicar) el mapa. 4. Necesito (comprar) el libro How do you ask someone in Spanish? Cemo somos? “Cemo se llama? “Cemo eres?” Soy”? What Spanish phrase means “the girl is impatient”? Chica`s paciente. Ella`s una chica inteligente. Chica`s Your mother is right if you don`t think I`m looking at yourself, quizlet.com/91484647/spanish-1-unit-3-test-flash-cards/ answer: from these honored deaths, we take an increased devotion to the cause for which they gave the last full of dedication – that we are very determined here, that these dead will not die for nothing, that this nation under God will have a new birth of freedom, and that the government of the Skel people is 100% correct. I just got a 100% on my Spanish quiz. Just check my work:) 1.

Fill out the next sentence. Juan`s estudioso. The gusta a. cantar b. empty c. esquiar d. bailar 2. Run the next sentence. Marisol`s una chica a. simpatica b. simpatico v. simpaticas d.

simpaticos 3. What is the right way to say “serious boy” in Spanish? a. la seria chica b. el serio chico c. el chico serio d. la chica seria 4. What is the right way to say “a talented girl” in Spanish? a. la chica talentosa b.

una chica talentosa c. un chico talentoso d. el chico talentoso 5. What sentence indicates the correct order and correspondence between articles, subtantifs and adjectives? A. Roberto`s a chico muy reservado b. Roberto`s a muy reservado chico c. Roberto`s a muy chico reservado d. Roberto an es chico reservado If one of my answers is wrong, please find out how to correct it. Thanks, Kaai97 Ok, so I had a quiz of 10 questions, but thanks for the first five answers, they were 100% correct. If you want to know which of the two activities a friend prefers to do, ask .

. . A. “Y a ti? B. “Te gusta? C. “QuĂ© te gusta m`s”? D. “What tastes hacer? I think his C or his D?? Although general zaroff claims to be socialized and honorable, it is clear that he is gradually animist. an excellent among the best models is a physical representation of the general. No one about Kendall is right, I`d love to joke… But it`s not me, I have a 100% Spanish 1 A unit 3: Como Somos? Lesson 5: Review of Como Somos — 1.B, Empty 2. A, Simpatica 3.C, El chico serio 4.B, Una chica talentosa 5. A, Roberto`s a chico muy reservado 6.C, you are an important link with the last 7 D, Spain 8.B, dog 9.

A, good and nasty 10. A to protect man — This should give you a 10/10 lol so happy that it exists. if I wrote the right 1. In “The Censors,” Juan decides to ask to be a head of government, except for all the following reasons. A. He fears for Mariana`s safety in her new home. B. He intends to intercept his own letter and approve it. C. He managed immediately after Zaroff to present Ivan as something wilder, much like “his whole race”, he reveals that they are a similar breed, implying that he is also wild.