Meldpunt Vreemdelingendetentie

At this moment our English website is not fully complete. We are working on a complete translation and hope to publish this soon. For more information in dutch, see our dutch website.

Due to the coronavirus we might not be at the office regularly, therefore we can be reached at the following number: 0800-3388776 or via e-mail: Thanks for your understanding.

Meldpunt Vreemdelingendetentie

The Meldpunt Vreemdelingendetentie (Immigration Detention Hotline) is an initiative of the LOS foundation (the National Support Centre for Undocumented Migrants). It is our mission to improve the immigration detention conditions. We collect calls from immigration detention on our free hotline. We examine the calls, if eligible and possible we write complaints to the appropriate authorities, and ask for awareness within politics and the media. We also collect information about detention conditions from persons outside of detention, such as ex-detainees, family of detainees, lawyers, or staff of the detention centres. They can reach our helpdesk at the office number or by e-mail. At last, we also visit the detention centres. In addition we attempt to increase the political pressure to improve detention conditions. Doing so, we write reports and give recommendations to policymakers. In that sense, we make the detention conditions transparent. Legally we assist detainees in their complaint procedure. We file complaints at appropriate authorities, assist detainees during the hearings and write about it in our newsletter.

Do you know somebody in immigration detention? And do you have questions concerning the treatment within detention, the (isolation) cells, the posibilities for visits, the complaints procedure or other aspects of immigration detention? You can contact us through one of the phone numbers given below. We help you with your questions with the aim of improving the detention conditions.

Call from detention: 0800-3388776 (free)
Call from outside detention: 010-7470156